Revolutionary Raildecks containers. Intermodal solutions at truck-like speed.

Until now, industrial commodities have had to rely on Over The Road (OTR) transportation as their primary mode of transport. That’s because most industrial freight is too heavy, awkward and dangerous to ship in standard ISO-containers. However, the OTR transportation industry is facing escalating fuel and maintenance costs, increasing driver shortages (CSA 2010), excessive road wear, environmental regulations and chronic urban congestion.

So we engineered a safe and efficient intermodal solution.

Introducing the 53-foot collapsiblemulti-access rail container.

  • Now deliver freight at the same speed as trucking
  • Reduce cost using the faster, more reliable intermodal railway network
  • Get the equipment capacity you need
  • Minimize damage caused by transloading (re-handling of freight)
  • Regionalize driver and equipment for better resource utilization
  • Create safer highways and less traffic congestion
  • Significantly reduce your environmental carbon footprint

Change your transport bottom line. Quickly and efficiently—with Raildecks.

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