About Us Green by Design

Green by Raildecks™ Design.

Raildecks containers not only provide a faster, smarter way to ship industrial freight—they also provide a more environmentally-friendly way to do it.

Every time a Raildecks container is used, a large flat-bed truck is taken off the road. With large trucks producing the greatest volume of emissions compared to all other vehicles, Raildecks helps industrial freight companies switch to a greener mode of transportation.

Rail transportation uses approximately one-eighth less fuel per haul than a truck would use over the same distance, and emits far less toxic emissions and VOC’s. Intermodal transportation takes millions of truck-miles off the highway each year, leading to:

  • Reduced highway congestion
  • Reduced highway infrastructure deterioration
  • Increased highway safety
  • Significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions

The railway currently transports 65 percent of Canada’s ton-kilometers of freight, and only contributes three percent of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.

For a quick look at the significant impact intermodal rail transport has on our carbon footprint, visit the AAR’s (Association of American Railroads) Carbon Calculator by following this link.

Raildecks is doing its part to help the environment. Our first 60 loads removed over 370 tons of emissions. We’ve now made it easier for you to follow suit.

Raildecks can help reduce our impact.

  • Moving freight by rail instead of truck reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent.
  • New locomotive emissions standards mean cuts in particulate emissions of up to 90 percent and cuts in nitrogen oxide emissions of up to 80 percent.

–AAR, Rail Intermodal Keeps America Moving, May 20th, 2010