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Boyd Intermodal & Raildecks Partner on Groundbreaking Intermodal Innovation

Monday, February 20, 2012Boyd Intermodal & Raildecks Partner on Groundbreaking Intermodal Innovation

February 20, 2012

Boyd Intermodal and Raildecks Partner on Groundbreaking Intermodal Innovation Boyd Intermodal Hosts Media Day to Launch Intermodal Product Birmingham, Alabama – Boyd Intermodal, a Boyd Bros. Transportation company, in conjunction with Raildecks Intermodal and BNSF Railway announce the Boyd Intermodal Raildeck product as the latest intermodal innovation for industrial shippers across the United States. This cutting edge product converts flatbed industrial cargo from over-the-road to intermodal rail in a safe and secure process. On Tuesday, February 28, 2012, Boyd Intermodal will host a Media Day event for public officials, media, transportation and logistics industry leaders and others interested in seeing first-hand this innovative product.

“With the development of this product, the flatbed transportation and logistics industry is reaching a milestone,” said Richard Bailey, president of Boyd Bros. Transportation. “This new product provides a means of transporting flatbed products over intermodal rail routes nationwide, which until now wasn’t possible. This is a game-changer for our industry.”

In the past, flatbed shippers were unable to take advantage of the efficiency offered by intermodal stack train service. With Boyd Intermodal Raildecks, flatbed shippers can now use intermodal rail service to move their product over longer distances without traveling the nation’s interstate highway system. The product is an open top flatbed unit that is transported over short distances via highway, on a chassis. Once inside an intermodal yard, the flatbed unit is lifted onto intermodal trains for safe and secure transport to an intermodal hub where it is loaded onto a chassis and drayed to the final consignee.

“By placing Boyd Intermodal Raildecks into service, we’re contributing to less traffic and stress on our interstates, sustaining a smaller carbon footprint, and supporting safety initiatives with less driver fatigue,” said Chris Cooper, chief operations officer for Boyd Bros. Transportation. “Before this product, most of the heaviest bulk loads of steel and other metals had to travel over the highways. Now, flatbed trailer loads will be accepted on the rail system.”

Boyd Intermodal worked in conjunction with Raildecks Intermodal and industry leaders like BNSF to create this latest innovative system for converting traditional over-the-road flatbed freight to rail with a safe and secure process. “Raildecks was looking to partner with an innovative flatbed motor carrier that put safety first, we found it with Boyd Bros.,” said Rick Jocson, chief executive officer for Raildecks Intermodal. “Partnering with Boyd ensured that best industry practices would be followed. The vision of their leadership team, experience and professionalism was instrumental in bringing the Raildeck solution to market.”

This groundbreaking innovation for flatbed intermodal transportation can be seen first-hand on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at a Media Day event held at Boyd Bros. Transportation, 3900 ACIPCO Industrial Drive, Birmingham, AL, 35214. Public officials, media, and flatbed representatives will be onhand for lunch, a press conference, and demonstrations of the new product. Lunch begins at 12:00pm CST, followed by a press conference at 1:00pm CST and demonstrations from 2:00pm to 4:00pm CST.

BNSF is excited to help introduce this new solution to flatbed shippers, and to see the positive impact this innovation will have on the intermodal landscape. “BNSF is pleased to have teamed with Boyd Brothers to help develop the Raildecks intermodal solution. We thank them for their professionalism and commitment to making safety a top priority during the pilot program over the last two years,” said Steve Branscum, BNSF group vice president, Consumer Products. “We look forward to working closely with all
those involved in this project to introduce this new and innovative transportation solution to the market.”

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Boyd Intermodal is a Boyd Bros. Transportation company leading the way in flatbed intermodal transportation. In business since 1956, Boyd Bros. knows what it takes to do business right. The company services flatbed shippers coast to coast, and Boyd Intermodal expands those services into the intermodal market. Boyd Intermodal is committed to safety, security and the environmental advantages available to the transportation industry through continued innovations.

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