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“Raildecks™ will change flatbed trucking forever.”

Brent Ryan, on Tri-Line Flatbed operations and the future of Raildecks™.

“Tri-Line Flatbed operations, managed by Contrans Group Inc., provide Truckload and LTL Flatbed transportation service throughout North America.

As flatbed experts, we are very excited about the potential of the Raildecks™ concept. In an environment where long-haul truck drivers are becoming a scarce resource, the Raildecks intermodal solution will allow us to continue to serve our clients’ long-haul transportation requirements at the speed of a truck, with our drivers sleeping in their own bed every night.

The ability to stack four empty containers into a single container spot provides an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution to “imbalanced” freight lanes. Empty containers can be moved to areas with available reloads much more efficiently than “deadheading” and tractor-trailer units.

Truck-like transit times means less need for long-haul truck drivers. It also means that Raildecks will revolutionize long-haul flatbed trucking.”
—Brent Ryan, Contrans Group Inc.