Get your industrial freight back on track.

Concerned about OTR service and capacity? Transport costs escalating? Having trouble finding open-road truckers to deliver your goods? Looking to regionalize your resources?

We’ve engineered your transport solution. Our 53-foot intermodal Raildecks™ flat-rack container provides a faster, smarter, price-competitive option to OTR transportation.

Our unique patented design has been rigorously tested to ensure it’s the right equipment to ship your industrial commodities:

  • Open flat-deck design. Allows faster loading from top, sides and rear, easier imbalance management and lower repositioning costs.
  • Road-to-Rail at truck-like speed. Now have access to the highly-reliable intermodal rail system for faster shipping across North America.
  • Increased capacity. Greater loading capacity, double-stacking ability and access to intermodal transport for increased freight shipment and regionalized trucking.
  • Lower costs, better economics. Road-to-Rail reduces costs and handling, and increases driver productivity and operating ratios for a better bottom line.
  • Collapsible and stackable. Up to four high in the same space as a high cube box container. Raildecks containers can be collapsed in backhaul lanes for easier equipment management, storage and reduced balancing cost.
  • No transferring or re-handling of cargo. Containers transfer efficiently from truck to rail, back to truck.
  • Less damage. Once freight is loaded onto Raildecks containers, it remains in place and unhandled until final destination. Open-top access means easier securement and balancing of loads.
  • Drivers stay local and efficient. Better for truck drivers and transport economics than a long haul. Regionalizing drivers and equipment means more loads per driver, resulting in more profits and lower costs.
  • Reduced environmental and highway impact. Less long-haul trucking means less carbon emissions, less congestion, less highway infrastructure wear and tear, and safer roads.


Raildecks make sense. Contact your current service provider, email us at, or call us for more information.