Process Intermodal Process

Raildecks™ gives you a faster, smarter Road-to-Rail solution.

Raildecks’ revolutionary flat-deck design now means industrial freight can access the Class 1 railroads’ extensive intermodal network that extends throughout North America. With billions of dollars invested in physical infrastructure and equipment, Class 1 railroads have the capacity and long-term vision to deliver transportation services at truck-like speed.


Step 1

Drayage Origin

  • Raildecks container loaded on to a chassis and drayed to shippers yard.
  • Cargo is loaded and secured onto Raildeck container, then secured and tarped.
  • Raildecks container is prepped for transportation to the intermodal rail terminal. Cargo will not be handled again until destination point.
  • Driver in-gates at the intermodal terminal for rail transportation.
Step 2

Rail Terminal

  • Intermodal terminal transfers the Raildecks container to a well car using high-speed overhead loaders or side loaders.
  • Containers are double stacked for transportation and cost efficiency.
Step 3

Rail Transportation

  • The intermodal train travels non-stop from the origin terminal to the destination terminal at speeds up to 70mph. This service can move freight across North America in four days, matching or exceeding truck service.
Step 4

Drayage Destination

  • Raildeck container is transferred from rail to chassis and is ready for pickup.
  • Driver connects to chassis and out-gates from the destination intermodal terminal.
  • Customer receives cargo in same condition as when loaded.