Process Raildecks Equipment

The first 53-foot, flat-rack container that’s changing the industry.

Take advantage of intermodal transportation with Raildecks™. Our price-competitive, stackable, collapsible flat-deck design gives you more capacity, truck-like speed and competitive pricing.


Raildecks™ containers are a dual purpose, 53-foot deck trailer that operates as a double-stacking intermodal container for flat-deck freight transportation. Raildecks containers are capable of carrying up to 60,000 lbs in payload, and offer loading access from the top, sides and rear.

Freight securement is far superior to a conventional intermodal container. Varied-size freight can be secured with straps and/or chains to significantly reduce damage.

Once the container is loaded, the payload can be tarped like a standard flatdeck load.

Raildecks™ containers are engineered for versatility and flexibility in transporting industrial commodities. The cargo space is a full 8 feet high by 8 feet wide by 53 feet long (8x8x53), giving the Raildecks™ containers the greatest loadable capacity of any intermodal flat-rack equipment.


The patented 40-foot support posts are designed for bottom load and lifting. That allows double stacking for intermodal rail transportation and more transport capacity at one time. The base of each support post contains robust locking points to guarantee stability and security. When double-stacked, the bottom containers can support a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 75,000 lbs.

The main support posts can move from their standard 40-foot transport position to an extended 50-foot loading position for extra-long loads. Raildecks has the only intermodal flat-rack solution with this feature.

Cost Sensitive
For rapid redeployment, the decks can be collapsed and quadruple stacked to the same dimension as a high cube box container, so repositioning and storage has never been easier or more cost-effective.

The ability for Raildecks’ containers to double-stack with existing intermodal containers means an increased economic efficiency, which allows Raildecks to be competitive with other modes of transportation.

Raildecks has undergone an extensive field trial program with its rail and motor-carrier partners to ensure that the user-friendly design meets and services the needs of the day-to-day operators of the equipment. It is truly an Intermodal-centric product.